SADENCO Engenharia began operations in July 1994, aiming to provide services and to build engineering works with better quality than the one that was offered in the market, in view of the great technological advances that were made in the late 20th century, especially in the area of electrical engineering and telecommunications, in the public and private sectors. Committing to quality, technology, saving and customer satisfaction, SADENCO has conquered a prominent position among engineering companies that operate in the sector of works and services for the transmission, distribution and use of electricity and telecommunications in Brazil, standing out among the leading public lighting companies in Brazil.


Specialized engineering and lighting services for the public and private sectors, including:

Design, construction, operation and maintenance of:

– Electrical installations for manufacturing companies, buildings, stores, hospitals, ports and airports;

– Infrastructure for telecommunications and information technology;

– Electrical installations for large events;

– Substations and transmission lines of up to 500 kV;

– Overhead and underground power distribution lines of up to 34 kV.


– Comprehensive management of public lighting systems;

– Ornamental public lighting;

– Architectural lighting in buildings and monuments;

– Lighting for roads, squares, sporting venues and large areas;

– Indoor lighting for manufacturing companies, buildings and stores.



Using engineering and lighting to improve people’s quality of life in a sustainable way for our planet.



Being a benchmark in Brazil regarding quality, technology, saving and customer satisfaction, within the engineering and lighting industry.



– Engineering and lighting are key services to society;

– Safety and comfort for people;

– Satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees and partners;

– Respect for the environment;

– Social responsibility.