The SADENCO Engineering concluded in October / 2014, the first public lighting system of the State of Santa Catarina using both LED lamps and luminaires remote management. The pioneering lighting system was installed on the promenade and cycleway Acioni Souza Filho Avenue (Waterfront), in São José -. SC, about 2.5 km long. 102 decorative streetlights with LED fixtures were installed 120 W to ride and bike path lighting, decorative luminaires with 12 metallic vapor lamp 70 W and 72 W 16 LED projectors for lighting decks, and 190 projectors built into the floor with green metallic vapor lamp 70 W for lighting palm trees. With the new remote management system will be able to receive communication via the Internet in real time on the operating conditions of each luminaire (unlit at night or on during the day), and also, to trigger actions, dimerization, monitoring, collection and storage of data, issuing alarms, programmed or any time metering of energy consumption, among others. With the remote management system will be no more need for the citizen to communicate to the municipality on fixtures erased overnight, or lit during the day, as this information will be made automatically by the system for central management of field teams responsible for the maintenance of public lighting . The new lighting system of walking and bike path with LED fixtures was reduced by over 50% in power consumption compared to the previous system.

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