The SADENCO Engineering concluded this May the second stage of underground distribution network of electricity and telecom from central Joinville. At this stage the following streets were covered: Princes Street, Street Nine March, Rua Eng Niemeyer, Rua Luiz Niemeyer, Dr. Lobo Marinho Rua, Rua Padre Carlos, San Joaquin Street, Street Jacob Richilin and Rua Comandante Engenio Lepper..

The investment of the State of Santa Catarina, through CELESC Distribution SA, reached R $ 8.2 million. In addition to the replacement of the underground network, public parks received 152 decorative poles with light fixtures with LED technology. The resources invested by the city in new lighting municipality were approximately R $ 1 million. The LED lighting fixtures provided great improvement of visual perception in this way, by issuing white light with high color rendering index, which contributed to improved safety, beautification and humanization of the city and reduce by more 50% electricity consumption of public lighting.


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