Anita Garibaldi Bridge, located between km 313.1 and 315.9 of BR-101, was built on the channel of Orange, Laguna – SC. It is the third largest in the country bridge and the largest cable-stayed bridge in curve of Brazil. It is 2830 meters long, 52 spans, and the central span is 400 meters long. It is a bridge of great importance for the development. The bridge has a street lighting system and an intelligent architectural system that uses cutting-edge technologies. The lighting of the tracks is performed by 182 poles with 12 meters of free time, equipped with a LED lamp, power 271 W, color temperature 4000 K, model Greenvision XCEED BRP 373, the PHILIPS. The architectural lighting of stays and towers, is carried by 20 projectors RGB model Akila FLOODLIGHT 84 LED, power 120 W, the SHCRÉDER, and 56 projectors RGB model Akila FLOODLIGHT 126 LEDs, power 180 W, the SHCRÉDER. For the color change system was used DMX controller, Model SLESA EU7 with USB control, RJ-45 Ethernet cable, and micro SD memory card, which allows switching scenarios via infrared, via sensor dry contact, via calendar, with an option for switching in accordance with sunrise and sunset editing software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Seven and 8, and the possibility of creating 250 scenarios. Design and execution were carried out by the Consortium SADENCO-QUANTUM.

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