The SADENCO-QUANTUM consortium, received the evening of 10.29.2015 two awards in the “VII Edition of ABILUX Award Lighting Project 2015,” the biggest event of the country’s lighting industry, organized by the Brazilian Association of Lighting Industry – ABILUX and the Industry Union Lamps and Lighting Electrical Appliances in São Paulo – SINDILUX, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Lighting Architects – ASBAI and the support of SENAI São Paulo, the Federation Event Space of Industries State of São Paulo – FIESP in Sao Paulo / SP.

Category Special Award:

2. place:

Accent lighting project and the slopes of Anita Garibaldi Bridge – Laguna -SC Realization: Consortium Team SADENCO-QUANTUM

Urban Category:

3. place:

Accent lighting project and the slopes of Anita Garibaldi Bridge – Laguna – SC Realization: Consortium team SADENCO-QUANTUM

In this project we used a new LED technology, which provides on average a 50% savings in power consumption, more comfort and better visual perception, due to the emission of white light and good color reproduction, reduced maintenance costs because the life high, and consequently with fewer interference on roads for maintenance, contributing to urban mobility, and preservation of the environment, as it has no harmful materials in its composition.

For accent lighting of Anita Garibaldi Bridge were used LED projectors with RGB system that enables remote programming of up to 250 colors composition scenarios.

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