07.16.2015 was released in traffic on Anita Garibaldi Bridge, the new postcard of Santa Catarina

Anita Garibaldi Bridge, located between km 313.1 and 315.9 of BR-101, was built on the channel of Orange, Laguna – SC. It is the third largest in the country bridge and the largest cable-stayed bridge in curve of Brazil. It is 2830 meters long, 52 spans, and the central span is 400 meters long. It is a bridge of great importance for the development. The bridge has a street lighting system and an intelligent architectural system that uses cutting-edge technologies. The lighting of the tracks is performed by 182 poles with 12 meters of free time, equipped with a LED lamp, power 271 W, color temperature 4000 K, model Greenvision XCEED BRP 373, the PHILIPS. The architectural lighting of stays and towers, is carried by 20 projectors RGB model Akila FLOODLIGHT 84 LED, power 120 W, the SHCRÉDER, and 56 projectors RGB model Akila FLOODLIGHT 126 LEDs, power 180 W, the SHCRÉDER. For the color change system was used DMX controller, Model SLESA EU7 with USB control, RJ-45 Ethernet cable, and micro SD memory card, which allows switching scenarios via infrared, via sensor dry contact, via calendar, with an option for switching in accordance with sunrise and sunset editing software compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Seven and 8, and the possibility of creating 250 scenarios. Design and execution were carried out by the Consortium SADENCO-QUANTUM.

SADENCO Engineering starts maintenance of the lighting system of the city of Porto Alegre

Sitio-do-Lacador-13 The SADENCO ENGINEERING began the maintenance of the public lighting system in the city of Porto Alegre, Region I, North and East zones, on 07/29/2015. It will use a computerized system to record data for services performed at the time of execution in real time, through tablets, enabling the monitoring of the municipality much more agile and reliable services, providing better service to the citizen.

Parcão opened new lighting system in Porto Alegre.

Fotos-Aereas-Web-13 The Porto Alegre City Hall through Municipal Works and Roads, inaugurated the new street lighting system Park Windmills (Parcão) on 07.11.2015, with the presentation of the Youth Orchestra of Rio Grande do Sul. The park had 90 points lighting, implemented in the 1970s, now has about 360 lighting points and many new patrons overnight. The old lighting system was replaced by systems with high performance lamps and LED technology, with high color rendering index, with white light, providing greater visual perception and comfort to users and equipment with long service life. The improvements are part of the project Illuminated Park: I Short I Cuido, you want to qualify the lighting of parks and squares of the city, giving more sense of security for the population occupy urban spaces. The implementation of the new lighting system Parcão was performed by SADENCO Engineering.

Square of Encol in Porto Alegre wins new lighting system with LED technology

Carlos-Simao-Arnt-58 Square Carlos Simão Arnt (Encol) in Porto Alegre, important space for living, leisure and sport, had all its lighting system upgraded with high-performance lamps and LED technology, through the Municipal Works and Roads the city of Porto Joyful. Altogether there are 121 new lighting points with high color rendering index and white light, providing greater visual perception and comfort to users, and have long service life. The implementation of the new Encol Square lighting system was carried out by SADENCO Engineering.

Project pioneer streetlights with LED fixtures and Telemanagement in Santa Catarina.

The SADENCO Engineering concluded in October / 2014, the first public lighting system of the State of Santa Catarina using both LED lamps and luminaires remote management. The pioneering lighting system was installed on the promenade and cycleway Acioni Souza Filho Avenue (Waterfront), in São José -. SC, about 2.5 km long. 102 decorative streetlights with LED fixtures were installed 120 W to ride and bike path lighting, decorative luminaires with 12 metallic vapor lamp 70 W and 72 W 16 LED projectors for lighting decks, and 190 projectors built into the floor with green metallic vapor lamp 70 W for lighting palm trees. With the new remote management system will be able to receive communication via the Internet in real time on the operating conditions of each luminaire (unlit at night or on during the day), and also, to trigger actions, dimerization, monitoring, collection and storage of data, issuing alarms, programmed or any time metering of energy consumption, among others. With the remote management system will be no more need for the citizen to communicate to the municipality on fixtures erased overnight, or lit during the day, as this information will be made automatically by the system for central management of field teams responsible for the maintenance of public lighting . The new lighting system of walking and bike path with LED fixtures was reduced by over 50% in power consumption compared to the previous system.

Lighting projects SC receive National Award

The SQE LUZ consortium formed by the companies SADENCO Engeharia, QUANTUM Engenharia e ARCADIS Logos S. A., was awarded five awards at the VI Award ABILUX Lighting Projects (1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the category Urban – Public Ways and 1st and 2nd place in the category Special Efficient Lighting), the work innovative and efficient made ​​in Santa Catarina in area lighting. This competition, organized every two years by ABILUX – Brazilian Association of Lighting Industry, this sixth edition selected projects implemented across the country in the period between April 2011 and May 2013, who used at least 60% of products national value or quantity. Since I ABILUX Lighting Projects Award, the consortium has been awarded SQE LUZ eleven (11) times.

The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday (22), at the Events Center FIESP, São Paulo / SP. The event also celebrated the Day of Lights, celebrated on October 21.

The winning projects were the following.


First place in the category Urban – Public Roads for the modernization project of lighting the Avenida Beira-Rio de Joinville (Photo by Lino Sasse);



Second place in the category Urban – Public Roads for the modernization project of lighting the Getúlio Vargas Square (Cathedral Square) in Sao Francisco do Sul (Photo by Lino Sasse);



Third place in the category Urban – Public Roads for the modernization project with LED lighting fixtures Avenue Seaside north of Florianópolis (Photo by Adriano Amaro);



First place in the category Special – Efficient Lighting for the project with LED accent lighting of the facades of the Church Our Lady of Grace in South San Francisco (Photo by Lino Sasse);


Second place in the category Special – Efficient Lighting for the project of modernization of public lighting in the Walk Valentine Jurere, Florianópolis SC (Photo by Adriano Amaro).